I am able to perform electronic repairs and mods on most electronic instruments and amps on an occasional basis.

What GDP stands for: GDP are my initials and a simple name for my business


1 year guarantee on faulty parts of labour.

Physical abuse of the unit is excluded.

Swap out or repair within 7 days subject to physical condition of the unit.


  • Applications

    Suitable for 4, 8 and 16 ohm tube/valve amps.

    Safe for use on amps rated up to 120W RMS.

  • Features

    Amp Impedance selector (4, 8 & 16 ohms).

    2 position Treble Boost selector (3dB at 4kHz & 6dB at 8kHz).

    Solid Attenuation dial with pointer (0-100%).

    Brushed Aluminium Traffalite engraved faceplate.

    Rear panel mounted 1/4" TS jacks for connecting between speaker and amp.