About Me

After working as an electrical engineer in the industrial and manufacturing sectors for over 14 years, I was retrenched in July 2008.

I decided that whilst seeking employment, I would concentrate on my passion for music and guitars. I had started playing an electric in April and took a keen interest in everything to do with axes!

How It Started?

I joined the Guitar Forum SA in August 2008, where I met the forum founder, Alan Ratcliffe.

Alan and I agreed to swap gear and he asked whether I would be interested in building an attenuator device for him so he could crank his VOX AC15 amp head and cab and enjoy the resulting tone without upsetting the neighbourhood.

He mentioned that many guitarists, particularly us in SA, would find value in a device that could accomplish this as imported units were extremely costly.

I started designing my first prototype and have revised the design 3 times and had it undergo some torture testing by Alan himself.

Working on Tube Tamer has been thoroughly enjoyable.

I believe it allows one to explore the capabilities of their valve amp without upsetting anyone or going deaf!


  • Applications

    Suitable for 4, 8 and 16 ohm tube/valve amps.

    Safe for use on amps rated up to 120W RMS.

  • Features

    Amp Impedance selector (4, 8 & 16 ohms).

    2 position Treble Boost selector (3dB at 4kHz & 6dB at 8kHz).

    Solid Attenuation dial with pointer (0-100%).

    Brushed Aluminium Traffalite engraved faceplate.

    Rear panel mounted 1/4" TS jacks for connecting between speaker and amp.